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Final: USA vs. Chile

It is time, loyal readers, to once again present our decision, advancing one cuisine and eliminating another.  This week the case is the United States against Chile — one cuisine, being our own, is very familiar, while the other was hardly a blip in our culinary radar before it was featured.

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American Cuisine — Cedar Plank Salmon

Cedar plank grilling is a technique originating with the Chinook and Salish people of the Pacific Northwest.  Salmon fresh out of the river would be tied to large wood boards (cedar being most prevalent in many coastal Northwest areas), covered with fir boughs, and slowly roasted over coals in a pit dug into the ground.

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American Cuisine: Succotash

We knew there would come a time on The World Cup of Food when we would be tasked with presenting the food of our home nation, the United States of America. What would we prepare? Hot dogs and hamburgers? Fountain drinks the size of five-gallon buckets? Movie popcorn? The abomination that is instant mashed potatoes? We tend to think of American food in only the most negative, fast food-ish light, but of course it is so much more.

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