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Final: Sweden vs. Ukraine

Swedish food, and Scandinavian food in general, puts fish and potatoes ahead of just about everything else.  Ukrainian food is all about the root vegetables, with an ample dose of pork and beef for good measure.  Knowing what we know about each, which do we prefer?

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Ukrainian Cuisine — Borscht

Thanks to the twentieth century’s political upheaval of Eastern Europe, the rise of Communism and the Soviet influence, and the subsequent independence of the former Eastern Bloc nations, there has been a lot of mutual influence between Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish culture.  Ukraine’s most famous dish, the purple vitamin powerhouse borscht (recipe follows), a filling main course soup that gets its signature color from its main ingredient, beets, could be reasonably claimed by its neighbors, and in fact many nations in the region have their own versions.  The Ukrainians would tell you theirs is the best, and we are inclined to believe them.

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