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Final: Belgium vs. Scotland

After reading the prose of cooks and poets, consulting the great culinary tomes of the cuisines, trekking great distances to the tops of mountains to meet enigmatic gurus, and most importantly making the signature dishes of Belgium and Scotland in our own kitchen (three of those four actually happened), we with great regret must eliminate one of these great cuisines from the 2014 World Cup of Food.

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Scottish Cuisine — Haggis, Part Two

Previously, on The World Cup of Food, we introduced Scottish cuisine and made Scotch eggs.  Then we put together the stuffing for a haggis from ingredients we found available locally.  Here is the conclusion of our recipe for haggis à la Caldwell:

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Scottish Cuisine — Scotch Eggs

Traditional Scottish cuisine is shaped by its rugged landscape and relative isolation from European neighbors.  Fish and game are featured prominently, as are root vegetables and simple grains like oats and barley.  Beer, cheese, whiskey, and pork products like bacon and sausage are of high quality and are exported to the rest of the world.  In Scotland nothing goes to waste and the unsavory bits of the animal are utilized to their fullest, the greatest example being the national dish haggis.  Other famous Scottish preparations are Scotch eggs (boiled eggs wrapped in sausage and deep-fried, recipe follows), neeps & tatties (mashed rutbagas and potatoes), finnan haddie (smoked haddock), smoked salmon, and Scotch broth (mutton and root vegetable stew).

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