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Final: Norway vs. Denmark

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Norwegian Cuisine: Spinatsuppe, Spinach Soup

We loved our Gravlaks, but it is really an hors d’oeuvre and not a meal by itself, and is of pan-Scandinavian origin.  We needed something filling and distinctly Norwegian.  We knew we wanted to try something that incorporated vegetables in some way, and when we happened across the recipe for spinatsuppe, Norwegian spinach soup, we gave it a try.

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Norwegian Cuisine: Gravlaks, Brined Raw Salmon

For centuries Norwegians have made the most out of their landscape and seas.  The rugged, cold, yet still bountiful country has always provided for those willing to work for it.  Like we have here in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, Norway’s cold waters, protected fjords, and clean rivers attract breeding salmon every year that form one of the mainstays of the local diet in a variety of forms, notably the raw, brine-cured gravlaks (recipe follows).  Norwegian waters also abound with whitefish like cod, pollock, and hake, which are the source of the famous local specialty lutefisk, whitefish cured in lye.

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