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Final: Hawaii vs. Indonesia

Hawaiian and Indonesian cuisines have made strong cases for themselves in The World Cup of Food, and either would make a worthy opponent for Spain in the round of thirty-two. Just like every week, though, we have to say “aloha” to one and “aloha” to the other, though with opposite meanings.
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Hawaiian Cuisine — Kalua Pig

Hawaiian cuisine is a result of almost exclusively imported and introduced products, ingredients, and traditions.  From the fourth century to today, influences from Polynesian, American, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and Korean immigrants have shaped the Hawaiian table into the unique cuisine it is today.

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Hawaiian Cuisine — Spam Musubi

Spam is considered to some to be a lesser food product, one reserved only for the leanest of times, but that opinion is not held in Hawaii.  Hawaiians have made an art of using Spam in their cuisine, managing to make a mechanically separated, pressed, and canned meat product legitimately delicious.  We knew once we decided that Hawaiian food was in the World Cup of Food competition that we had to make something out of Spam.

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