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Final: Denmark vs. Ireland

It’s that time again on The World Cup of Food when we have to select one country’s cuisine to advance in our competition and another to be left behind. This week, the decision is between Denmark and Ireland, the winner earning a place in the round of thirty-two against India.

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Danish Cuisine — Smørrebrød: Open-Faced Sandwiches

In Denmark, the open-faced sandwiches known collectively as smørrebrød (serving suggestions follow) are a national source of pride and identity.  The Danish rye bread rugbrød is buttered liberally, then the rest is limited only by the imagination of the cook.

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Danish Cuisine — Karrysalat: Curried Macaroni Salad

The Danish Christmas luncheon is a treasured tradition in Denmark.  Families and friends come together for a midday gathering full of food and, perhaps most importantly, lots of beer and schnapps.  The Danish open-faced sandwiches smørrebrød dominate the table, where diners top their slices of Danish rye with whatever meats, fish, vegetables, or cheeses strike their fancy.  There are a handful of toppings that are simply expected to be served (like pumpkin pie would be at an American Thanksgiving celebration).  Karrysalat (recipe follows) is one of those, considered “a ‘must’ at any self-respecting Danish Christmas luncheon table” according to Danish food blogger Gitte of My Danish Kitchen.

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Danish Cuisine — Danish Creamed Cabbage

Many of the sources we found when we made our frikadeller served the little meatballs atop a glorious mound of creamed cabbage (recipe follows), so we thought we should too.  As mentioned before, you’re taking a day off from the diet when you dive into the world of Danish cuisine, and creamed cabbage is no exception.  Any gains made with the wonderfully healthy green cabbage are easily offset by an ample helping of bacon, butter, and sour cream, but the result is pretty amazing.

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