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Final: Cameroon vs. Madagascar

Cameroon is a crossroads of Africa, and its national dish, ndolétakes pieces of the food customs of the west, central, and southern parts of the continent.

As much Asian in influence as African, Madagascar’s cuisine is diverse and colorful, as evidenced by the beef dish varenga, the soup lasopy, the salad lasary voatabia, and the table sauce sakay.

Which did we prefer?

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Cameroonian Cuisine — Ndolé: Bitter Greens Stew

Positioned at the crossroads of West, Central, and Southern Africa, Cameroon’s cuisine is a microcosm of Sub-Saharan Africa.  The nation is comprised of over two hundred ethnic groups speaking over two hundred languages, so cross-cultural exchange of ideas and customs can be seen everywhere.  Add to that the influence of European colonization (French primarily, but at different times the territory was overseen by the Portuguese, Germans, and British), and we couldn’t wait to explore the country’s food traditions.

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