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Final: Romania vs. Austria

We stuffed things in hopes of honoring the cuisine of Draculas everywhere.  We fried veal.  We ate bacon and potatoes, and silly little wafer cookies.  We did our research.  For the first time in this competition, we both felt that there was a clear winner, a cuisine that was not only fun to make and delicious in our home, but one that we anxiously await our further adventures with.  That cuisine is…

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Austrian Cuisine — Gekochter Erdapfelsalat, Warm Potato Salad

Wiener schnitzel begs to be served alongside a potato dish, be it fried, roasted, or boiled.  We chose to instead make the Austrian warm potato salad gekochter erdapfelsalat, a sour/sweet salad with bacon, mustard, vinegar, and onions.  The vingar cuts the fattiness of the rest of the meal nicely, and the bacon is exactly as delicious as we have come to expect.

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