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Final: Argentina vs. Canada

Argentine and Canadian lands span nearly from the North Pole to the South Pole, and as one might expect from regions so geographically separated, their food traditions differ considerably.  Since The World Cup of Food is about finding the best world cuisines and eliminating the rest, today we welcome one of these nations to the next round of our competition and part ways with the other.  Greece awaits our winner.

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Argentine Cuisine — Steak With Chimichurri

A visitor to Argentina’s food culture would likely leave with one impression above all others: these people eat a LOT of beef.  Argentina is the world’s highest beef-consuming nation per capita, with its residents devouring a mind-boggling 149 pounds of delicious steer meat per man, woman, and child per year.  Obviously a population does not hit a number like that eating the same preparation every day, and Argentinians enjoy beef in hamburgers, as empanada fillings, and as breaded, fried cutlets known locally as milanesas. By far the most popular way to eat beef in Argentina, though, is asado, grilled beef steaks or ribs, enjoyed almost always with the Argentine national condiment, chimichurri (recipe follows).

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