Final: Madagascar vs. Morocco

We are never eager to eliminate an African nation from the World Cup of Food.  African food, before we took on this endeavor, has been a subject of which we knew little, and what we have discovered has been a joy to experience.  Madagascar and Morocco have proven to be no exceptions.

Malagasy dishes on The World Cup of Food:

Moroccan dishes on The World Cup of Food:

The food of Madagascar can best be summed up as a showcase of vegetables, jazzed up with ginger and spicy chilies.  It is a combination that works very well.  The vegetable soup lasopy, made from a couple pork bones and a shopping cart full of vegetables, was a highlight.  Also great was the crispy shredded beef varenga, where beef chuck was braised until falling apart then roasted in the oven to crisp in its own fat.

Moroccan food is one of complex and nuanced spices.  Saffron, cumin, cinnamon, and turmeric played very well together when we tried our hand at djaj mqualli, the slowly cooked chicken stew with olives and preserved lemons.  Couscous is eaten daily in Morocco, which is a refreshing change-of-pace compared to many other African cuisines served with or over white rice.

We have presented Malagasy and Moroccan cuisines to the best of our abilities, and are ready to advance one to the round of thirty-two of The World Cup of Food and to eliminate a cuisine we enjoyed preparing and eating from our competition:

Moroccan flag image from Wikimedia Commons

We have decided that Morocco is the winner, and will meet the winner of the Philippines vs. Turkey match in the next round.  We love spices, stews, and citrus fruits, and Moroccan food’s utilization of these makes us want to try more dishes.  We can’t wait.


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