Final: Sweden vs. Ukraine

Swedish food, and Scandinavian food in general, puts fish and potatoes ahead of just about everything else.  Ukrainian food is all about the root vegetables, with an ample dose of pork and beef for good measure.  Knowing what we know about each, which do we prefer?

Swedish dishes on The World Cup of Food:

Ukrainian dishes on The World Cup of Food:

The result of this match weighs heavily on how we rank two of our absolute favorite foods, the Swedish meatball köttbullar and the Ukrainian beet soup borscht.  Both foods have become popular around the world (particularly in the United States) and are ones we love to make at home.

We grew up enjoying Swedish meatballs with our families, and have more recently come to love the blood-red ambrosia that is borscht.  In a decision that pits one of our ancestral people’s food against a relative newcomer in our lives, we have decided that…

Ukrainian flag image from Wikimedia Commons

Ukraine wins and advances to the round of thirty-two in The World Cup of Food.  Swedish food occupies a familiar place in our hearts, but the bold, hearty, rich flavors of Ukrainian food win the day.  Ukraine faces Vietnam in the next round, home of spring rolls, pho, and bánh mì.  Vietnamese food is one of the world’s best and one of our very favorites, but Ukraine is capable of the upset.


What do you think?

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