Final: Switzerland vs. Hungary

Once again we need to eliminate a cuisine in The World Cup of Food and get one step closer to crowning a champion.  This week’s match between Switzerland and Hungary featured Swiss cheesy goodness and Hungary’s spice of choice, paprika.

Swiss dishes on The World Cup of Food:

Hungarian dishes on The World Cup of Food

Swiss food has been fun to make and present to our readers.  French, German, and Italian influences mingle in the tiny neutral nation with many regions hanging on to their own distinct culinary traditions.  Swiss neutrality might be reflected in its cuisine, a sophisticated and subtle one full of refinement.  Cordon bleu, the wonderful Swiss dish of a fried pork cutlet stuffed with ham and cheese, is one of our favorite recipes we’ve made for this project.

Hungarian food takes advantage of its favorite spice, paprika, to great effect, creating one of the most heavily spiced cuisines in Europe.  The food is rich, spicy, and aromatic, none more so than one of the nation’s signature preparations, paprikás csirke, chicken paprikash.  It is one of our favorite meals and one that we were glad to share with people in this space.

We deliberated for several seconds, and have decide that…

Hungarian flag image from Wikimedia Commons.

…Hungary is our winner.  It really wasn’t particularly close this time, and we feel that Hungary has a chance to advance a couple times in this tournament.  Next up for Hungarian food is a match against Lebanon and its shawarma, baba ghanouj, hummus, and the like.


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