Final: Guam vs. Singapore

In our Asian/Oceanian second qualifying round match between Guam and Singapore we tried our hands at some tasty dishes.  In what is proving to be in the minority of our World Cup of Food matches, this time we have a decisive winner.

Guamanian dishes on The World Cup of Food:

Singaporean dishes on The World Cup of Food:

Guamanian food is a cuisine of sharing, with barbecues and potlucks commonplace.  Simple, scalable, and most importantly delicious dishes are made from the heart. Red rice, chicken kelaguen, and chicken tinaktak gave us (and both of our readers, we hope) insight into what makes Guamanian food what it is. In an ordinary second qualifying round match, that might be enough.

Unfortunately for Guamanian food enthusiasts everywhere, in this round the opponent was Singapore, perhaps the finest cuisine we have featured in this space.  Black pepper crab has been, at any rate, the best dish we have made for The World Cup of Food.  The other Singaporean dish we featured, Hainanese chicken rice, was fine in its own right, and the possibilities of further Singaporean features are equally tantalizing. Singapore advances to the round of thirty-two, where it will meet Romania.


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