Final: Cape Verde vs. Tanzania

It was a battle of rustic stews this week on The World Cup of Food, with the Cape Verdean chicken and rice stew canja pitted against Tanzania’s beef and green banana stew ndizi na nyama.  Considering these dishes along with everything else we know about the two nations’ cuisines, which do we think is better and deserves to move on to face Korea in the next round?

Cape Verdean dishes on The World Cup of Food:

  • Jagacida, white bean and linguiça sausage stew (with Cape Verdean cuisine overview)
  • Canja, chicken and rice stew

Tanzanian dishes on The World Cup of Food:

Cape Verdean food has proven to be rustic, home-style cooking designed with a crowd in mind.  The Cape Verdean people love a gathering, and their food and music traditions certainly reflect that.  Portuguese sausages, West African vegetables, and lots of beans and rice make for an affordable, rich, and most importantly delicious food culture.

Tanzanian food, with its blend of African, Persian, and Indian influences, is full of spices and flavor.  Coconut milk, an ingredient we have always loved, and bananas, an ingredient we are coming to realize that we love, feature prominently in hundreds of different ways.  Add in the cuisine of the island of Zanzibar, an integral part of the Tanzanian nation whose food we have yet to try, and we are sure that there is a lot left to explore in Tanzanian cuisine.

In the end spicy trumps hearty, and Tanzania advances.  Korea is next for the East African underdog, but don’t be surprised if Tanzania unveils a few new wrinkles for that matchup (and maybe, say, uses bananas in an even more unusual manner).


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