Final: Hawaii vs. Indonesia

Hawaiian and Indonesian cuisines have made strong cases for themselves in The World Cup of Food, and either would make a worthy opponent for Spain in the round of thirty-two. Just like every week, though, we have to say “aloha” to one and “aloha” to the other, though with opposite meanings.
Hawaiian dishes on The World Cup of Food:

Indonesian dishes on The World Cup of Food:

Hawaiian kalua pig and Spam musubi are each incredibly easy to make with a satisfying, rich flavor that far exceeds what one might expect from such simple fare. Other Hawaiian dishes like lomi-lomi salmon or poke would be sure to challenge in the
next round.

Nasi goreng and sate pusut were Indonesia’s representative dishes, each a street stall or marketplace favorite. Rendang, a braised meat curry heavily spiced with chilies and galangal, was rated as the best-tasting food in the world by readers of CNN Traveler, so it stands to reason that it might be our next Indonesian adventure.

In the end we had to choose a winner, and we sided with pork. Kalua pig serves to deepen our already ample love of pork shoulder, and Hawaii will advance. Spain is next for Hawaii, land of paella and Manchego cheese.


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