Final: Belgium vs. Romania

Belgian and Romanian cuisines have put up impressive fights on The World Cup of Food, and choosing one over the other has been probably our most difficult final choice to date.  We suppose that can be expected given that this is the first matchup of the second level of the qualifying competition and matches should only get more closely contested as we proceed.

Belgian dishes on The World Cup of Food:

Romanian dishes on The World Cup of Food:

Belgian cuisine is without question the more elegant and refined of the two, but that is not to say that Romanian food is just slopped onto the plate.  Great care is taken in selecting and stuffing various vegetables and meats with other vegetables and meats, creating hybrid dishes that are rich and meaty and still pack that vegetable punch.

Maybe we just love stuffing things, getting our hands dirty mixing up meat mixtures by hand.  Perhaps its the novelty of a cuisine from a region we know little about, maybe due to political isolation when we were growing up.  It wasn’t easy, but in the end we choose Romania to advance to the round of thirty-two, where it will face the winner of the qualifier between Guam and Singapore.


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