State of the World Cup of Food, and Final: Sweden vs. Netherlands

It has been sixty-nine days since the last posting on The World Cup of Food. A busy holiday schedule, hour-plus commutes to and from work every day, and myriad other factors have resulted in a major adjustment with how we manage our time. Things have settled down quite a bit lately, however, and we are ready to present both of our loyal readers with a renewed commitment to regular postings and updates on the blog. Here’s what to expect:

  • Twice-weekly scheduled updates (one mid-week, one over the weekend) with recipes, step-by-step photos, and all the best foods the world has to offer
  • Links to international food stories of interest via Twitter and Tumblr
  • Qualification to be completed by the end of June of this year
  • A World Cup of Food champion crowned by June 2015
  • An shopping list featuring recommended cookbooks, magazines, and products (sales from which we would take a small affiliate commission)
  • Loads of successful recipes, with some botched attempts thrown in for good measure

Thanks to all our readers, commentors, supporters, followers, friends, family, and to anyone else who has been amused or inspired by our work.  Happy 2014!

In other, no less important news, we need to crown a winner between the European nations of Sweden and the Netherlands.  As is our custom, we would like to first disclose Chris’s significant Swedish ancestry and avow that all efforts were made to form an unbiased opinion when deciding between these two cuisines.

We hope that our presentation of hachée, Dutch beef stew, has demonstrated that the food culture of the Netherlands is so much more than fancy cheeses and splitting the check  on a date.  Rich, chunky, and rustic, hachée has been one of the fuels of reclamation for a people that have taken and utilized so much from the sea.

The Swedish smörgåsbord, first introduced to the world at large at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, has become synonymous with any ostentatiously large assortment of food or drink.  Swedish immigration to the United States brought Swedish meatballs, or köttbullar, to the American table, where it has become a pot luck standby.  Oh, and there was also this fellow:

If in doubt, go with the Muppet. Sweden advances, and will match up against Ukraine (and, let’s be honest, one killer borscht) in the final qualifying round of The World Cup of Food


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