Final: Tunisia vs. Cape Verde

Well, friends, it it that time again: time to send one country’s culinary culture out of the World Cup of Food.  Today we must decide between the African nations of Tunisia and Cape Verde, two lands separated by a the world’s largest desert, a little bit of ocean, and miles of difference in their cooking traditions.

We liked a lot about Tunisian food, and got a chance to make and share our own version of harissa.  A garbanzo bean stew and a cool cucumber and tomato relish rounded out the meal.

We made just one Cape Verdean dish, jagacida, a bean and rice stew, but that was enough to make us want to try more.  The dish was rich, hearty, easy to make, and very tasty.

Both cuisines showed us a lot, and in a way they are both winners.  But in another, more accurate way, Cape Verde is our winner.  Cape Verdean cuisine will square off against Tanzania in the final qualifying round.


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