Final: Switzerland vs. Russia

For the first time in the qualifying stages of The World Cup of Food, there is a clear (at least in our minds) winner between Switzerland and Russia.

Russia boasts among its culinary achievements not only beef stroganoff (which we made), but pirozhki (dumplings stuffed with a variety of ingredients), blini (thin yeast-leavened pancakes), and vodka as well.  Its food is as varied as its vast landscape and worthy of further exploration someday.

Swiss food is about equal parts Italian, French, and German-influenced, giving the Swiss cook a large selection of methods and ingredients at his or her disposal.  French omelets and gratins, German-style fried cutlets (like our cordon bleu) and potato dishes (like our Swiss hash browns, rösti), and Italian-inspired pastas are all possible future pursuits into the Swiss kitchen.  One Swiss food stands out, though, as a future feature for The World Cup of Food: fondue.  Crusty bread dipped into bubbly cheese awaits.

It is clear to us that Switzerland must be our winner.  Switzerland meets Hungary in the final qualifying round of The World Cup of Food.


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