Taiwanese Cuisine — Taiwan Beer

As a special bonus feature, we’d like to share a Taiwanese beverage we found to go with the rest of our Taiwanese meal:


Taiwan Beer is the most popular lager produced in, you guessed it, Taiwan.  A product of the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation, Taiwan Beer used to enjoy a government-enforced monopoly on the Taiwan beer market.  Even though the monopoly has been lifted, it remains the number one beer in Taiwan.  It was surprisingly good, actually.  We expected it to have the typical skunkiness of an imported lager like a Heineken might have, but instead it had a smooth, slightly sweet flavor.  The unique flavor comes from the addition of the local ponlai rice to the brewing process.

We drink beer out of wine glasses sometimes. Problem?

It was the perfect accompaniment to watching Stan Wawrinka upset Andy Murray at the U.S. Open this year.


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