Final: Norway vs. Denmark

After dabbling in the cuisines of Norway and Denmark, we have reached a decision.

Danish food was rich and decadent as both frikadeller and creamed cabbage, but too much so for anything close to daily consumption.  Norway gave us gravlaks and spinatsuppe, which were tasty and interesting, but leaving us to wonder what else there could be left in the Norwegian larder worthy of our pursuits.  In the end, we decided that we would most like to further pursue Danish cuisine.  Denmark advances, and will meet Ireland (vanquisher of the Czech Republic) in the final qualifying round.

Coming up next is Taiwan versus Cambodia.  Early returns indicate this will be a tasty one.


2 thoughts on “Final: Norway vs. Denmark”

  1. My sister and her family will not be impressed (Trondheim). She gave me a Norwegian cook book once and it has convinced me that you have made the right decision. Bring on the next round and we will fire some boxti and crubeens into their in goal area, finishing them off with boiled bacon and cabbage, fish pie and the best mountain lamb and grass fed beef in the world. Come on Ireland!

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