Final: Ireland vs. Czech Republic

We made meat, gravy, and potatoes; and we made meat, gravy, and dumplings.  The question remains unanswered: is Czech food better than Irish, or vice versa?

To be fair, we must disclose that both of us have some degree of Irish ancestry; however, we each identify with another heritage at least as much as Irish (Angie would probably say Chinook and Chris Scandinavian), and we went in to this matchup with an open mind.

The Czechs are the world’s leaders in per capita beer consumption (by almost 25 percent over second place!), a distinction for which we have the utmost respect.  Their food is rich, meaty, and sticks to your ribs.  If a new Czech restaurant opened in town, we would be there.

Irish food is of a similar fundamental concept to Czech, but they get there in a little bit of a different manner.  Potatoes, delicious potatoes, are the starch of choice, accompanied by simply prepared and flavored meat dishes.  Surprisingly for an island nation, the Irish do not eat as much seafood as one might expect, but they make up for it with a variety of lamb stews and roasts.

So, which do we think is better?  Going in, we knew much more about what to expect from Irish food than from Czech, so the pressure was on the Czech foods we made to prove to be better than, say, Irish lamb stew or Shepherd’s pie.  After trying both, we have decided that the better cuisine is:


Ireland advances to the final qualifying round, where it will face the winner of Norway and Denmark for a position in the World Cup of Food.

Next we go to Asia for a match between Armenia and Laos.


What do you think?

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