Final: Romania vs. Austria

We stuffed things in hopes of honoring the cuisine of Draculas everywhere.  We fried veal.  We ate bacon and potatoes, and silly little wafer cookies.  We did our research.  For the first time in this competition, we both felt that there was a clear winner, a cuisine that was not only fun to make and delicious in our home, but one that we anxiously await our further adventures with.  That cuisine is…



Oh, Wiener schnitzel, how we shall miss saying your name, not to mention your delicious crispy, tender, meaty goodness.  Wiener schnitzel was the best dish we prepared in this qualifying match, certainly.  Where do we go next, though?  Do we really think Austrian cuisine could topple Japan, say, or Spain head-to-head?  Romanian food might not either, but we feel there is a better chance for something big in the shadow of the Carpathians.  Furthermore, it’s not as if Romanian food is lackluster in any way.  Stuffed tomatoes are delicious.  There are many, many soups, stews, and main dishes from Romania that we are eager to try.

Up next is Australia and Guam.  Included are an interesting and tasty twist on what is usually considered and American classic, a familiar food in an unfamiliar color, and meat cut up into little bits.  It should all be very tasty.


What do you think?

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