Austrian Cuisine — Veltliner Wine and Manner Wafers

We found a couple of nice accompaniments to our Austrian meal around town.  First, there was a Veltliner wine:


Veltliner was sweet, but not cloyingly so like a German Riesling can be.  The slight tartness was a welcome addition to the fatty Austrian meal we had prepared.

For dessert, we had Manner Wafers:


Manner wafers are really thin wafer cookies put together in alternating layers with a flavored cream.  Several were available, but we chose lemon and hazelnut.  Opening the package, we were optimistic about their potential deliciousness:


They were crispy and rich, and their flavors were perfect.  We came to find out that the creams were made from real, natural lemon and hazelnuts and not some kind of artificial flavor essence.  If you see Austrian wines or wafers in your travels, try them out.

More from our Austrian meal:

Wiener schnitzel

Gekochter Erdapfelsalat


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