Final: Tanzania vs. Senegal

We thought Scotland was tough to send away from our tournament, but faced with having to eliminate one of our strong African qualifying candidates we wavered on either side of the line before coming to a decision.

Tanzanian fish curry.

Our Tanzanian meal featured the rice dish pilau and a Tanzanian fish curry.  A strong case can be made for Tanzania based on pilau alone.  The texture and flavor the coconut milk gives the rice was unlike any pilaf or other rice preparation we have ever had.  The pilau masala spice combination was fragrant and exotic, and we are happy to have leftovers to try out in other applications.  We didn’t have the chance to prepare a host of other dishes that we would love to try some day, like goat pilau, duck Dar es Salaam, or coconut bean soup.  It is clear that we have only just begun to understand this cuisine.

Skinned black-eyed peas ready to be made into fritters.
Skinned black-eyed peas ready to be made into fritters.

The Senegalese meal included a chicken and peanut stew and black-eyed pea fritters.  The fritters were worth the effort involved in their making, with a light texture and flavor like peanuts and pumpkin.  Various avocado salads, stews, and fish preparations are highlights of the cuisine and we would like to explore them all.

Someone has got to go, though.  We each made a compelling case for either cuisine at various points in our deliberation, and in the end the deciding factor was which cuisine we would rather feature again in this space and present further recipes.  In the end, we chose:


Tanzania.  We look forward to our continued adventures with this fascinating cuisine.

Up next is Romania vs. Austria.  It’s Dracula vs. Arnold!


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